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17 March 2021

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I am happy to be fully vaccinated and in Maine visiting my four grandchildren for the first time since summer. There is nothing better than having a two year old on your lap for hours (watching youtube on your phone but who cares) or taking a walk in the woods in the early spring air with the five year old. Then there's a discussion about the national debt, how credit works, and the Great Recession (why people lost houses, jobs, etc) with an almost 14 year old prepping for a new school in September. The 11 almost 12 year old has been barely present but sneaks in for a hug once in a while. Catching up with my daughter Reid in person is awesome. (Reid, the two granddaughters, and I are all Aries and have birthdays within three weeks of each other, both my parents too!)

I'm also happy to announce (finally) the 20th Anniversary issue of my 1999 (I know, I'm late) Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth CD. The CD is now in a sleeve with an insert instead to the old, clunky jewel box. The booklet is no longer included, but all of the contents are now online--every liner note, story, all credits. BUY HERE:


I'm very excited about having this album now in a sleeve. It looks so good too! It will be 25 years on March 23 since my daughter Jessie left us. It's absolutely unfathomable to me that it's been so long. As I say in the first verse of the song "As Long As You Love (Scarlet Wings)":


Time has a different meaning now

Since you found your scarlet wings

Forever seems like yesterday

But only angels know these things


Time is indeed an baffling concept--some times flexible and some times hard. As the old saying goes--the older I get the faster it flies.

Tanya and I are settling into our pandemic lives in Nashville. We do love being there even without access to all friends and activities. I also miss Maine and the ocean and she misses the mountains and land of Northern New Mexico. Still Nashville seems to be the perfect place for both of us for the foreseeable future. And we'll spend as much of the summer in Maine as possible.

And there are sparks and hints of more "normal" life returning. We and most of our inner circle are now vaccinated and it's Spring in the South--the weather is warmer. Still we are vigilant about wearing our masks etc. and will be until we are given the all clear by those who actually know.

My podcast has been gathering listeners, which is great! You can find it on Spotify, Apple iTunes, etc. (Please follow me on Spotify) I've been slow in adding shows beyond the first three episodes, but I'm now editing a new one with world-famous Maine photographer Peter Ralston. And I will be interviewing wonderful independent film-maker Maggie Greenwald plus the founder of Somatic Writing, my incredibly gifted wife Tanya Taylor Rubinstein in the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, oh just on the side, I started my memoir! The first four chapters are written (for now) and the proposal is in. (I'm not saying more than that--cause I am VERY superstitious!) Thanks to Tanya's good friend Perdita Finn for helping me shape my early story.

I'm editing and working on my website--any suggestions on making it easier to navigate or inclusions/exclusions--let me know.

OH! New thing: I AM now consulting on song-writing. Sign up for a session with me--one on one. Or if you want to book a private online mini-concert. Check out   on my website.

OK. My grandson Rhys is demanding my attention (or more accurately, my phone.) 😊

Wishing you all a happy spring and may we all get through this time healthy and thriving!