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From the 2001 "Neverland" album. Produced by Ray Kennedy and Cindy Bullens.


By Cindy Bullens

Moonlight and madness
Dragons and dust
Somehow the sun follows rain

Life's sure a mystery
Baffling at best
Most things I can't explain

No-one again would hold me
Of this I felt so sure
It had been so long
I didn't know if I could feel anymore

But there in a moment
One flash of time
You turned your eyes to me

One single moment
There in the night
I felt my break free

I saw it all so clearly
Oh what I was meant to do
Fate just had me waiting
For the moment when I found you

So here in this moment
Precious and fine
I give my love to you

I see it all so clearly
As the shadows fade away
I need no food or water
Just hold me in your sweet embrace

One single moment
Forever in time
I give my love to you