1. January Sky
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From the album "dream #29". Produced by Ray Kennedy and Cindy Bullens.


ByCindy Bullens

Six o’clock in the morning
I’m standin’ outside
January Sky
Shows the first glimpse of light

I zip up my jacket
And I brace for the cold
I wait for the sun
before I get old

Well the sun comes up
Like it always does
This time of year
it don’t stay up enough

I crawl back into bed
Knowing I wore you out
With my personal struggle
And my perpetual doubt

Hey hey my my January Sky

You wake up shakin’
From another nightmare
I brush my hand against your face
To let you know I’m there

Can I give you some comfort?
Can I ease your despair?
But you stay silent
Like I’m not there

Baby we got a good thing
Baby our love is strong
I know we got some trouble now
It won’t last long

There’s a hole in the darkness
Now it’s indigo blue
Baby things’ll get brighter
Cause our love is true

hey hey my my January Sky