1. Purgatory Road
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From the new 2020 album "Walkin' Through This World" Produced by Ray Kennedy and Cidny Bullens


I felt the hot black tar beneath my shiftin' feet
I heard the rumble of the fire before I felt the heat
Like a moth to a flame, I felt my wings explode
Now I find myself stumblin' down Purgatory Road

I got a hole in my pocket and it's drivin' me mad
I'm losin' every little bit of any sense I had
I'm in a whole lot of trouble, it's a fact I know
Cause I can't see what's comin' down Purgatory Road

Did I leave myself stranded?
Did I get myself lost?
There's no goin' back over
All those lines I've crossed
There's nothin' I can do now
'Cept carry my own load
And just keep on walkin' down Purgatory Road
Down Purgatory Road

I heard somebody whisper, I heard somebody shout
There's nothin' you want down there and there's no way out
But fools rush in and the wise man knows
You best not get caught down Purgatory Road

Written by Cidny Bullens
©2020 Red Dragonfly Music/BMI