1. Crack The Sky
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From the new 2020 album "Walkin' Through This World" Produced by Ray Kennedy and Cidny Bullens


CRACK THE SKY 12.22.18
By Cidny Bullens

In a casual conversation
I whisper on the side
I mention just in passing
I could die

There is nowhere I can run to
I know my time is running out
I feel the paradigm shifting
There is no doubt
Not a doubt

I need to
Crack the sky
Can I fly beyond my Universe
Oh you ask can I?
Crack the sky

It’s indeed a world of wonder
And at times a grand charade
I won’t walk the path before me
Unafraid, unafraid

So I pray for navigation
The way is thick with fog and rain
Searching for a road to follow
But in vain, all in vain

Will I come back?
Will I come back alive?

Crack the sky
Break the glass that holds my Universe
So you ask can I?
Crack the sky…

Crack the sky
I’m gonna fly beyond my Universe
So you ask can I?
Crack the sky…

Written by Cidny Bullens
© 2019 Red Dragonfly Music/BMI